Q: Can all dogs, cats and rabbits tolerate the MAXX Pet Shirts?

A.: Yes, dogs, cats and rabbits can tolerate the shirts. It’s the same as a ‘onesie’ or a suit, except that the MAXX Pet shirt is anatomically designed for cats, dogs and rabbits. We recommend putting the shirt on your pet soon after the surgery or medical procedure. This gives the pet a warm, secure feeling and allows for easier adjustment. Pay special attention when a wound is irritating your pet, as they may try to scratch, lick and sometimes bite around the affected area.

Q: How do cats use the litter box when wearing the MAXX Pet Shirts?

A.: The cat’s shirt has a larger tail opening at the rear so they can use the litter box without having to remove or open the shirt.

Q: Why isn’t there an opening on the shirts underside for urination?

A.: The shirt is designed to provide full protection. When dogs need to go out to for pee or potty, owners can easily roll up the two straps on either side of the tail up the torso and put back on securely when coming back inside.

Q. What is the use of a double layered medical pet clothing ?


A.: This is useful to insert a gauze when there is excessive discharge from the wound. The double layer is also useful to prevent the wound from swelling by inserting an ice pack. 



Q. What is the benefit of a zipper on the shirt?

A.: This will enable the vet to check the wound easily without having to open the entire clothing. The zipper is also useful when changing gauze or placing an ice pack next to the wound. Ensure that you place your finger beneath the zip lock (while closing the zip) to avoid entangling of hair in the zip.

Q: Can the pets tear it apart or chew it?

A.: Unfortunately this can occasionally happen if the animal is irritated by the shirt, however the vast majority of animals adjust easily and quickly to the shirt. In the case of excessive licking we recommend insertion of gauze or a sanitary pad in the pocket to keep the wound dry as the shirt is double layered. To prevent the wound from swelling, an ice-pack can be inserted.

Q: Is the MAXX Pet shirt machine washable?

A.: Yes, it is washable in cold water. Clients typically purchase two shirts so the patient is always covered. To avoid damages to fabric, all the snaps should be tightly put before washing.

Q: What is your warranty/guarantee scheme?

A.: We guarantee the manufacturing quality of our product and provide refunds for any manufacturing defects within 7 days of purchase.

Q: Is it possible to exchange the suit if it does not fit?

A.: Unfortunately, we will not be able to change the size or exchange it after you have opened the sealed packet. Thus, we highly recommend that you utilize the sizing chart so you can “measure twice and order once.” We always advise choosing a tighter fit because during usage the MAXX Pet Shirts will stretch somewhat.

Q: How can I choose the right size for my patients or my pet?

A.: MAXX Pet Shirt is available in 11 sizes for dogs, 5 for cats and 6 for rabbits  to ensure a proper fit for nearly all cats, dogs and rabbits. To determine the correct size, please measure the animal as per the sizing instructions and then place the order. For sizing, it’s better to choose slightly smaller as the material will stretch. If the sizing falls in between, it is recommended to select a larger size if your pet is bulky but a smaller size if your pet is on the slimmer side.

Q: What is the best way to stay updated on MAXX Pet Shirts?

A.: For frequent updates, connect with us on instagram and also follow our Facebook page!


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