MAXX Pet Shirts for dogs, cats and rabbits help animals to feel relaxed, warm and secure when used post-surgery/treatment. Maxx Pet Shirts are an alternative to E collars and cone of shame and the focus is on well being of the pets during the healing process.

MAXX is a recovery suit for dogs, cats and rabbits are great to use after spays, neuters, for road rash and friction burns, for post surgery warmth and healing, incontinence and other urogenital and perennial issues.


All of medical pet shirts are made from stretch fabric, allowing dogs, cats and rabbits to comfortably eat, drink and sleep while wearing them. The shirts have an additional calming effect on your pet. 

Reduces Anxiety

  • Helps your pet dogs, cats and rabbits keep cool during heat cycles. 

  • Fits snugly around your pet's body, helping them feel secure and reducing unnecessary post-surgery stress. 

Free Movement

Your pet can freely move in and out of the house without hurting themselves; this is not always possible with an E collar. 


Zipper for Easy access to wounds of dogs – The MAXX DOG recovery suit has a zipper on one side of the shirt to enable easy access to the wound, stitches, sutures, incision and the internal pocket is used to keep the gauge or cool pads

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