Special Features:
  • MAXX Cat Pet Shirt is an Alternative to E collar and Cone of Shame

  • The fabric is processed at a comprehensive 'OEKO-TEX' certified unit fulfilling annexure XVII of REACH certification. The fabric is GOTS approved.

  • The fabric is so designed that after sterilization, surgery, spay or neuter it perfectly protects the cats from licking.

  • Durable and light weight so that it fits on the tummy and chest area giving a snug feeling and hence reduces unnecessary stress after the surgery to help heal the wound faster

  • After surgery wear- Inhibits itching/ scratching and helps heal hotspots quickly .Minimizes the risk of post-operative infections. 

  • Pee or Poop - MAXX is a recovery suits with a wider opening at the rear and hence need not be rolled up for pee or poop.

  • Zipper for Easy access to wounds The MAXX medical pet clothing has a zipper on one side of the shirt to enable easy access to the wound, stitches, sutures, incision and the pocket used to keep the gauge or cool pads.

  • Reduce anxiety- Helps during weaning. It snug’s over the body Protects Skin diseases

  • Comfort & Free movement – Cat Pet Shirts are made from stretch fabric, allowing cats to comfortably eat, drink and sleep while wearing them and move freely.

CAT Pet Shirts


An Alternative to E Collar and Cone of shame- Cat medical pet care clothing.  A soft breathable, hypo-allergenic and stretchable fabric designed as per the anatomy of the cat to provide a convenient way to assist incontinence and inflammation. 

MAXX CAT medical pet shirts are manufactured with the most modern systems. This means not only is the garment soft and well-fitted, it also allows air to access the wounds to heal after surgery, injury, spay, neuter, hotspots and other skin ailments. The fabric is 96% cotton and  spandex/Lycra

When choosing sizes, make sure of the following: 

1. Ensure that your pet cat is standing on a hard surface (not on sofas, beds and other cushioned or foam surface).

2. Measure length of your pet cat's back from the base of the neck (where the collar is tied) to the base of the tail as shown in the diagram.

3. Match the measurement to the size guide below.

NOTE: If your pet cat is slim or thinner in body please buy a smaller size

How to measure a Cat?

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