The shirts are designed having two tail straps at the back, ensuring a snug fit that protects the entire body. This gives the pet a warm and secure feeling, in turn helping give the owner a stress-free experience. 

Both pet owners and hospitals find MAXX Pet Shirts very beneficial for dogs, cats and rabbits. The multipurpose recovery and anxiety wrap is soft and stretchy, providing comfort for the pet.

Machine Washable


Snug Fit

The shirts are openable from behind; they easily roll up and flap back for litter. This means you can take your dog for a walk without the need to remove the shirt.

Easy to use for Pee or Poop

It has an internal pocket to hold a soft gauze or a pad for additional dressing. The internal pocket also helps with absorption of discharge and protecting the stitches from pets licking through the fabric. Additionally, this means that you do not need to change the entire shirt and risk soaking the wound with saliva.  

Stretchable Fabric

Internal Pocket

MAXX Pet Shirts have a zipper on one side of the shirt to enable easy access to the wound and the pocket. You can use this to check the wound, hold gauze or keep an ice pack to help heal the wound. Your pet will not be disturbed and will instead stay comfortable, as you need not remove the shirt to access the wound. Please note care needs to be taken to place your finger under the zip lock while closing it to avoid entangling in pet hair.

ZIP for Easy Access

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